sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

Spitting Hatred

I'll throw up words of love
Can't you see i'm bleeding ?
Every drop of this blood loves you
Can you see my wounds bubbling ?
Each wound will remain raw
Do you know how much i suffer?
My body has the stench of death
Spit into the mouth that kisses you
Break the arms that hugs you
Amputate the legs that run to see you
Blind the eyes that behold thee
I'm burning with the fever that consumes me
This addictive poison me
I can't cut that umbilical cord that feeds me
It comes from you!
The blood that sustains me (it comes from you!)
Am i wishing the death?
After this will i resurrect from the mud?
God have mercy for my poor sinful soul!
If i already suffer on earth so i don't want to know what is hell
I'm just spitting my hate

Igor Costa

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