sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

Man Without An Arm

There's something behind all of this
That i can't comprehend
But all that happened never made much sense.
I confess, everything will remain passing on my head
I'm a little bit frustrated

Cause you were so perfect
But now you're just someone who gave me fun on the bed

You can laugh of me
You can make me a joke
You can ignore me
Tell was never love

I was a man without an arm
I said you were like my arm
I can see your tears of laugh
I'm sorry that i couldn't say nothing better
Cause you couldn't make feel nothing better
You can laugh of my face
You think you're safe
Let the candles burn
Pray for all gods you know for a bless
Don't forget that you'll pay all your debts

Without the arm
You fired me on the head and heart
Yeah i was a fucked guy
But this man knew the meaning of die
And this guy was born again with a new arm
Tired of hear the fucking love lies
Laugh of me
Behind of your smile there's a blank face
I don't know enough about yourself

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